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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the greek flavors of our mediterranean your choice of delicious chicken or hearty steak. with crumbled feta and cool, creamy tzatziki sauce. try our mediterranean collection today. subway. fresh is what we do. president obama: we know enough to say this was an act of terror and hate. >> oh, my god. my son has not been heard from. i don't know if he was in the club, if he got shot. >> it was like a scene from a r
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in the war on terror. >> the most important thing we can do right now is pray for everybody. news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: heart rate, anger, and a search for answers. evening, i'm kimberly suiters. so many questions remain after the deadly attack on the gay nightclub in orlando. across the country, vigils to remember the 50 lives lost and the 53 to were injured. there is what we know to make -- the gun man was identified as 29-year-old omar mateen. he is an american, but the police say he pledged allegiance to isis. his ex-wife described him tonight is very confused and short tempered. his father said his son recently expressed antigay sentiments.
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country, people are coming to terms with what is now the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. our coverage begins with abc news marcy gonzales. reporter: terror inside of this orlando nightclub. >> oh, my god, they are shooting back and forth. gunman and lone armed with an assault rifle and handgun killing 50, injuring more than 50 others. >> people were running. >> there were bodies everywhere. i just kept growing. >> it was like the scene out of a horror movie. reporter: the nightmare lasting three hours. dozens held hostage, some sending heart wrenching text messages to their family. >> he said he was going to die and he loved me. that was the last thing i heard. reporter: tonight, many of the family still waiting
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>> i don't know. he's my only child. reporter: the gunman killed at the scene, identified as 29-year-old omar mateen. after the shooting began, law enforcement said he called 911 to pledges allegiance to isis. the terrorist news agency nobled mateen was a islamic state fighter, although there was no indication the attack was planned by isis. federal officials say he bought the guns legally within the past week. the scene is roped off as they are now removing the bodies and beginning the process of identifying victims. kimberly: in the wake of the shooting, police departments increased security at pride offense in d.c. and around the country. we spoke to people that today's festival along pennsylvania avenue. extra police presence was a comfort. there was also a moment of complete silence for the victims
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at the white house and around the country, flags lowered to half staff in honor of the victims of the orlando massacre. across the area, tributes to lives lost. signs that read "we stand with orlando" to a candlelight vigil outside of the white house , support for the victims was strong during this pride weekend. roz plater has a look at the growing tributes. i'm going to let it shine ♪ abc 7 news. the large crowd -- beganhe large crowd growing outside of the white house. members in support of the lgbt tq community gathered in support. just people like you and me. roz:
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at dupont circle, somebody posted a large side on the fountain saying "tc loves you, orlando." sat quietly, others grieved openly. the white house, they called for more gun control, an end to homophobia, and an end of violence in the community. they said they would not be silenced by violence. ourur clubs will not close, people will not go back in the closet. we need to be free and loved and happy at accepted. all.will say uve us love will save us all. roz: the people who remain outside of the white house, d.c. began the pride weekend on a joyful note of celebration. we end tonight with a candlelight vigil morning a national
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ning a national tragedy. kimberly: throngs of people answered a call for blood donors. so many people want to donate, the website was crashed. hundreds lined up outside of a local red cross center. you can answer, too. we have a link to local donation sites at the muslim community was quick to condemn today's attack. representatives from the council on american islamic relations spoke today saying they stand in the cell of their day with the lgbtq immunity -- they stand in solidarity with the lgbtq community. cheryl conner has their reaction tonight. the flag at the capital is at half staff.
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tonight, muslim leaders wanted to make clear their religion does not tolerate violence. gunshots and in orlando muslims responding quickly to condemn the violence. >> we have no tolerance for terrorism of any kind. cheryl: the flag is a sign of unity. want to distance themselves from the gun man. --all theyow is's know is that omar mateen's father said he was not religious, but he called 911 to pledge allegiance to isis. >> all americans should be outraged. : he had to pull himself away from the pride event this weekend to attend this. >> a day and night of you celebrations here in d.c.
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for 50 people killed in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> it's heartbreaking. l: moslem leaders fear retaliation. >> i think part of the issue is this is truly a mental health issue. l: tonight, there is a call for muslims across the country to participate in the blood drive to show support for the survivors. live in southwest washington, cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: an interview with the ex-wife of the shooter shed more light on the mental health of omar mateen. she said that she and mateen were married. during that time, he abused her. no signs ofshowed radicalization during their time together, but he was extremely violent. >>
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sickness. he was mentally unstable and mentally ill. that is the only explanation i can give. kimberly: she said that her parents intervened when they found out he abused her, likely saving her life. she said they originally met online. federal agents spent the day searching the gun man's home and his father's home. neighbors were evacuated from their homes in the condo complex lived.mar mateen federal agents were at his father's house, removing items like computers and confiscating a car. as they look deeper into his history, they are also assessing what other thread could exist. chief political correspondent scott thuman continues our team coverage. as frantic was the rush to help the victims was
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motivation and if any future plots could be stopped. >> was he a lone wolf, does he have associates? scott: what is searching about the shooter, licensed as a security guard, is he pledged allegiance to isis. suspect'sto the father, he expressed opposition to the gay community. >> that should horrify anybody. the punishment under sharia is death. and now he does this in the united states. and they are not the only ones at risk. scott: he said the rep plenty of ways not just from the internet that extremists are advocating sharia law. >> they say in their friday is ace that homosexuality crime punishable by death. with the idea that this is news to anybody, it should not be. scott:
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what other red flags are you seeing so far? >> one other thing to note is we are in the season of rommel down, which is the islamic high holiday. sis and other terrorist groups have called for attacks during ramadan. scott: if he had any direct ties or contact with isis has yet to be made public, but as is often the case, isis has after-the-fact claimed responsibility for the attack. coverage of the massacre in orlando continues right here on abc 7 news. find the latest developments on our website at hearth, deep in my i do
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president obama: in the face of hate and violence, we will not live in fear or turn against each other. instead we will stand united as americans to protect our people and our nation and take action against those threats. kimberly: reaction today from president obama following the deadly attack at an orlando nightclub. 53 were injured after a man opened fire at the gay club. find more reaction from local leaders, presidential candidates, and others on our website at we will also bring you the latest developments as they happen. the presidential candidates to the event in orlando also. hillary clinton praised the lgbtq community for the rest
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hands of terrorists -- guns out of the hands of terrorists or criminals. is prayingp said he for victims, but also calling on the president to resign and for clinton to drop out of the race for refusing to use the term radical islam. and garyernie sanders johnson also expressed condolences. wednesday, a joint appearance by president clinton -- president obama and hillary clinton has been postponed. developing now, santa monica indiana man was arrested near the los angeles pride festival. he never said he was going to harm anyone, but officer stopped him after homeowners said he was knocking on doors and windows. then the police found weapons, ammo, and chemicals in his car. the santa monica police chief he wasat he only said going to the parade. he may face weapons charges.
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after a car crash in montgomery county that happened in a parking lot at an apartment complex in white oak. the fire department said the vehicle hit a pedestrian and two other vehicles. two drivers and the pedestrian were taken to the hospital. we do not know what caused the crash or the condition of the victims. one fairfax county police officer is being treated tonight for smoke inhalation after a three alarm fire in falls church. p.m. in out at about 4 the development along pine springs road. it spread quickly. at least eight units are heavily damaged. as many as 15 people are displaced. neighbors spot at the thick black smoke and started banging on doors to get everyone out. >> i got fiery stink mushers from the building and we try to put out the fire on the front of the building. we noticed it was all around the back and everything. kimberly:
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treated on the scene for smoke in relation. a police officer was also taken to the hospital. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. sistineannot go to the chapel in rome, it can come to you. at least in mexico city. that is where a life-sized replica of the famous work has been set up. it took more than 2.6 million canvases, each bearing a portion of michelangelo's masterpiece. they were put up in a structure that resembles the chapel. it will be on display for a month. it is the first time the vatican has allow the project to be displayed in our country. very curious if this is an initiative from the pope who wants to bring rome to the third world or parts of mexico, to people who otherwise would not be able to travel. josh: hopefully we are next so other people get a chance. kimberly:
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josh: i read that and thought it was a typo, but that is incredible. kimberly: springlike weather? josh: we went from the mid-90's to the 80's to the 70's this week. coolhanges, a pretty number, the dew point at 39 degrees. what that does is measure how much moisture is in the air for stop if it is muggy, that number is higher. mid to upper 60's would be very high. ofs is super low this time year, so very dry air, a very little breeze. we are tumbling into the 60's tonight. a lot of us into the 50's. this time tonight compared with last night, we 15 degrees cooler in hagerstown, seven degrees cooler in d.c. normally we don't like to see these 24 hour temperature changes, but last night with muggy and warm, the late is nice. overnight we stay clear.
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today, now working its way through north carolina. he high-pressure sets up tomorrow. picture, plenty of sunshine, still breezy, but monday looking very good. temperature stuck in the 80's, which is nice after two days in the 90's. the warm front lifts through. the front never pushes all the way through. it will get stuck through the second half of the week. it becomes the jumping off point for the showers and thunderstorms. we are dry tuesday, but starting wednesday a chance of rain. tomorrow morning, much cooler, 61 in d.c., 55 winchester. some places you will need a light jacket tomorrow. for most of us, a refreshing start. ae drive into work, not problem, cooler, 60 degrees, mostly sunny skies. lunchtime feels great, eat
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breezy. still low humidity. on the way home, 84 degrees, partly cloudy skies, not too muggy. dry tuesday, 84 degrees, partly cloudy. wednesday, 30% chance of rain. thursday and friday, we have the best chance of rain and thunderstorms. i think friday it will be yearly. for most of us, friday evening is still nice. saturday is dry, temperatures hanging in the 70's. enjoy the next couple days. kimberly: if you are lebron, do you think he is like, "yes!" erin: of course, he has to be green ist draymond suspended after the incident on the court. sports is coming up.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the: the nationals beat phillies for the second time in two weeks thanks to an epic jayson werth performance. he is the hero in the bottom of the ninth. shot up the, middle, bryce harper scores, danny espinosa. a walkoff win for the nats 5-4. dusty baker loved it. a big win for the nationals. the nba finals, if golden state is going to clinch tomorrow, they have to do it without draymond green, who was suspended after he swiped at lebron james' groin. offender andpeat drew an automatic suspension. i don't think his intention was to try to hurt anybody. he was protecting himself,
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but it's an unfortunate situation for our team. but like i said, we are still confident. we know we have the personnel and depth to get a win. way theyandled it the thought they wanted to handle it, and that is their call. as players, we have to play on no matter what happens. you either go with the league says or you don't. they make the final decision. erin: things just got really exciting for game four tomorrow, which can be seen right here at abc 7. tip-off is at 9 p.m. i will be answering all of your questions on facebook, live at 8:00. and don't forget, abc 7 "sports sunday" is coming up right after this, so don't change the channel. we have a great lineup. kimberly: always good stuff. in this modern day coliseum a group of gladiators prepare for battle. carrying on their shoulders the legacy of a nation, and... enormous heads.
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>> it was always a concern of mine, not that they over packed a place, but being in a place where so many people in the humidity are, knowing how many people hate you, how this could happen. kimberly: that is what happened at paul's in orlando -- at pulse orlando, 50 people killed
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said he had expressed antigay sentiments. the police say that he pledged allegiance to isis. tonight, an entire humidity -- country ared supporting one another. all of us at abc 7
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